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"Autism Is A World" (Clip 3)  

“Autism Is A World” – Clip 3 Transcript

Sue leaves the house, holding hands with her companion, Danny.

Danny (Sue’s companion): You ready?

Sue: Ready. All right.

Narrator (in Sue’s words): Now it’s Danny’s shift. He’s my outlet for fun.

Danny locks the door and opens the screen door to leave the house.

Sue: Bye bye.

Danny: Close the door, Suz. Let’s get outta here.

Sue: Ok.

Sue closes the door behind her. The scene changes. Danny and Sue are now at the race track. There are horses racing on the track, and the crowd is cheering in the background. Danny leads Sue by hand to the edge of the track.

Narrator (in Sue’s words): We both love betting on the horses.

Danny: Look at the horses.

Sue: Horses.

Danny: Horses. What color is that horse, Suz?

Sue: White.

Danny: Yeah, that’s a nice horse.

Sue: Want to buy.

Danny: Which one you want to buy Suz? The white one? Who do you like in this race, Susie?

Bugle call to the post. Sue points to her choice on the paper that Danny is holding.

Danny: (unintelligible) Let me see your (unintelligible).

Sue hands him her communication device.

Danny: So you like the five horse and (unintelligible)?

Sue begins to type.

Sue: All right.

Danny: All right.

Sue: Ok.

Danny: Ok.

Sue and Danny bump fists. Starting bell goes off. Horses begin to race. The sounds of horses racing dominates the scene. An announcer describes the event over the racetrack's public-address system.

Narrator (in Sue’s words): I love going to the race track because it is a place where I can blend in with the crowd and appear normal. Everyone is looking at the horses and not at me.

Danny: Go, catch him! Suz, you’re gonna win, Suz!

The scene changes. Danny and Sue are now indoors at the race track teller to collect Sue’s winnings.

Sue: All right.

Race track attendant: Hey, a winner, winner, huh?

Sue: All right.

Race track attendant: 20 dollars and a dime. 20 dollars and one dime.

Danny: Get your money, Suz.

Race track attendant: Here you go.

Sue picks up the $20 bill and Danny picks up the dime.

Danny: Let’s get outta here. Here you go, Susie.

Danny hands Sue the dime, and grabs her hand.

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