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Image of hands, bodies, and instruments around a face: Autism is a complex developmental disability.

STUDY GUIDE NO. 9. FOXP2 – ‘The Language Gene’

Assigned Readings:

1. Laii et al., A forkhead-domain gene is mutated in severe speech and language disorder’, Nature 413:519-522 (2001).

2. Stroud et al., Structure of the forkhead domain of FoxP2 bound to DNA, Structure 14:159-166 (2006).

3. Enard et al., A humanized version of FoxP2 affects cortico-basal ganglia circuits in mice’, Cell 137:961-971 (2009).

4. Konopka et al., Human-specific transcriptional regulation of CNS development genes by FoxP2, Nature 462:213-217 (2009).

Resources:Image of FOXP2   Rutgers Center for Structural Biology. Database of biological structures. Proteopedia

Concise answers to the Study Guide questions and molecular images resulting from the modeling exercises are available on the Proteopedia website. Simply type in ‘autism’ in the search bar.


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