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The NLMFF periodically conducts interviews to provide professionals and individuals interested in autism with a more in-depth look at selected interesting work that is being explored in the field of autism and related disability studies and to provide information and resources which will benefit the autism community.

Please check back periodically to read the latest NLMFF Interviews.

Interview with Timothy Roberts, Ph.D.

NLMFF interviewed Timothy Roberts, Ph.D., Oberkircher Family Chair in Pediatric Radiology and Vice Chair of Research for the Department of Radiology at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Professor of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, about what MEG imaging studies can reveal about autism spectrum disorders and his recent grant co-funded by the NLM Family Foundation and Lurie Family Foundation entitled, “MEG of Language Impairment in Autism.”

Interview with Ralph J. Savarese, Ph.D.

NLMFF interviewed Ralph J. Savarese, Ph.D., author of Reasonable People: A Memoir of Autism and Adoption (Other Press, 2007) and literature professor at Grinnell College. Ralph is also a committed activist on behalf of people with autism. In Reasonable People: A Memoir of Autism and Adoption, Ralph tells the remarkable story of his adopted son, DJ, who was, as he writes, “discarded like a piece of trash.” Judged profoundly retarded, abandoned by his parents and abused in foster care, DJ was not toilet trained and could not communicate when Ralph and his wife, Emily, found him at the age of six. Today, at 14, he expresses himself through a computer, has been successfully mainstreamed in public school, and appears with his father and mother at autism conferences nationwide.

Interview with Douglas Biklen, Ph.D.

NLMFF interviewed Douglas Biklen, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Education at Syracuse University and Director of the Facilitated Communication Institute, about his efforts to advance the fields of inclusive education and facilitated communication, about the work of the Facilitated Communication Institute, and about his new book, Autism and the Myth of the Person Alone.

Interview with Susan Birren, Ph.D.

NLMFF interviewed Susan Birren, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology at Brandeis University about the autism work that she undertook during her NLMFF-funded sabbatical year, her current research, and her NLMFF-supported course at Brandeis entitled, “Autism and Human Developmental Disorders.”


Interview with Albert Galaburda, MD

NLMFF interviewed Albert Galaburda, MD, Chief of Behavioral Neurology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Emily Fisher Landau Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, about dyslexia research, its relation to autism and language, and the future of autism science.

Interview with Julia Landau, JD

NLMFF interviewed Julia Landau, JD, Director of the Autism Special Education Legal Support Center at Massachusetts Advocates for Children (MAC), about the services that MAC provides, the work of the Autism Special Education Legal Support Center, and special education law in general.

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